Seven Seas Photography

This photo blog has been created for the soul purpose of sharing our passion for photography and all art in general.

Coquihalla Summit Panorama 

the swallows are back!

A Hummingbird!
Gannet Colony in Cape Kidnappers

Theme of the month

Hello peoples of the world, 

As stated in our previous post we are going to be doing themed photos every month. This month the theme of our photography will be wildlife. So we will try our best to provide you with some photos of the wildlife native to our areas. Hope you enjoy the upcoming photos. 



This page is a photo diary dedicated to the world. It’s meant to show the beauty found in everything and to do this, we will hold a theme for every month of the year. Silver Crow and I (ArtfulDodger) have come together to create this little gallery for those of you who enjoy the natural beauty in things. Simple yet intricate. A picture is said to hold a thousand words, and we hope our photos hold many more and that you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy taking them.

A panorama of San francisco.
All along the watchtower. Lake Ontario, Canada
A Magical Temporary Home: The land under the land down under. Temata Peak, New Zealand
Our beautiful homeland.